Thursday, February 23, 2012

Find out how to unlock password protected iPhone

A deficiency of system security IOS 5.0.1 allows bypassing of password protection mechanism used to lock the screen, providing people with enough determination indiscreet way to access the contact list and other iPhone features.

The method discovered by people from iPhoneislam is quite complicated and involves repeated replacement SIM card, but eventually works, providing access to a list of last dialed and even hosted phone book memory.

To succeed, you need to know the phone number of the victim, or to have handy on its own SIM card to use it. Basically, you must remove and reintroduce the SIM card at least a few times, using each time the target phone.

After the looks and filmed explanatory operation if done correctly lead eventually to unlock the phone.


While it is ready to choose up on WIFi alerts in the immediate place, it will not go to them without authorization, and if the WI-Fi system is not secured or code secured, it will neglect it.

Unlock iPhone 4S

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